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Communication is an essential tool for humans because it allows them to interact, exchange thoughts, and share knowledge. The migration of people from various countries in the UAE has resulted in a language divide. Many who do not know the local language (Arabic) find it challenging to communicate. As a result, most translation firms have risen to meet the high demand for quality translation services from this community of people. French Translation by Active Translation Services is one of the many translation firms in Dubai that provide excellent legal French translation services. As the name implies, we cater to the French-speaking community. The French language gets commonly spoken by many of the world’s population. It gets expected that the number will continue to rise in the coming years. Because of the French language’s success, this translation company will provide English to French Translation Dubai, Arabic to French Translation, French Document Translation, and a lot more.

Legal French Translation:

We have hundreds of French translators in our network of certified linguists who got professionally trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area technical terminology. We have a variety of legal and trial resources in addition to French document translation, such as French document management, French electronic record search, French deposition services, French interactive data rooms, French on-site document recognition, French court documentation, and French transcription services. Our specialist French translators have worked on a wide range of legal documents, including patent licenses, merger and takeover arrangements, trademark and copyright treaties, wills and trusts, jobs and other business documents, leases, among many others.

Legal French translation is essentially the translation of legal texts to put different forms of foreign affairs into action. It also refers to the translation of legal texts to share knowledge and expertise between legal experts from various countries. Various businesses, medical centers, and other institutions often provide legal French translation office services globally recognized by licensed legal translation services.

Birth certificates, death certificates, fiscal papers, court case records, marriage certificates, immigration forms, and other various documents are examples of legal French document translation. The list could go on and on. Judicial institutions or courts can use legally translated documents in legal proceedings. For instance, if someone moves to Dubai from America and dies, he or she will need a notarized translation of the will in the country’s language in which he or she died. To be correct, unique, and appropriate, all legal French translation facilities must go through a specific process.

French translation services.

French Translation Dubai:

Communication’s primary aim is to share ideas and facts. It becomes more complicated when people do not know the same language. As a result, several language firms have risen to address these challenges and their effect on legal document translation. The requirement for accredited legal translations of various languages into French or French into multiple languages has increased in UAE embassies, courts, French Consulate Dubai, and other authorities that require the submission of translated legal documents.

French translators in Dubai provide translation in a variety of languages, including;

  • French to English Translation
  • French to Arabic Translation
  • English to French Translation Dubai
  • Arabic to French Translation

Are you in Dubai and searching for a French translation office? You may want to double-check with us. French translation by Active Translation Service provides various translation and transcription services in Dubai and is adaptable enough to work with independent, medium, and large organizations from both the private and public sectors.

Our hands-on professional French translators’ team never disappoints and is under

UAE translation norms and protocols

Why Choose Us?

With the assistance of qualified French translators, the French Translation office in Dubai provides various French translation and transcription facilities in Dubai. We serve customers from independent, medium, and large businesses. At its inception, French translation has partnered with diverse customers from both the private and public sectors. We work with a dedicated team of French translators in Dubai who will go beyond and beyond to provide both helpful and competent services. Esteem underpins all of our offerings. Since the French Consulate Dubai accredits us, we ensure that all activities get done within the appropriate budget and timetable.

We offer:

  1. On-Time Service
  2. Unrestricted Revision
  3. Affordability
  4. Team with extensive experience and training
  5. Excellent operation

Our Services Include:

The French translation has specialized in providing translations of over 50 different languages. We specialize in various translations, including legal translations, marketing translations, website translations, French translations servicesand transcription services. These aren’t the only programs we have. At French translation, we still keep our catalog of languages up to date regularly. If you don’t see the language solution you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll still find a way to assist.

Besides, we provide the following services:

Dubai French Translation

  1. Translation by Wills
  2. Translation of Certificates
  3. CV Interpretation
  4. Translation of a brochure
  5. Services of Interpretation
  6. Website Interpretation
  7. Email Interpretation
  8. Translation in Technical Terms
  9. Translation for the Market
  10. Translation of a Press Release
  11. Driving Permits Translation
  12. Translation of Migration Documents
  13. Application and Software Translation
  14. Agreements and Contracts Translation

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