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Certificates Translation

Certificates Translation

We all have at some point in time attained certificates for various events ranging from academic, vocational, marriage certificates, birth certificates, driving licenses, and death certificates.

The translation of these certificates may vary from the intended purpose or current location of residence. For instance, a Kenyan resident may get married in Spain and obtain a marriage certificate in Spanish. that’s why you should hire certified translation services for Certificates Translation.

There is another example, the educational certificates presented in languages not spoken by your employers for instance also need to be translated. Those are just two examples of cases in which you need certified translation services for Certificates Translation.

The administrative language of the UAE government is Arabic; so, any document that needs to be submitted or processed through the government department requires legal translation.

In UAE, legal translation has become mandatory since each language has its exclusive localized terms. That’s why our translators in Active Translation Services have the experience to localize the information from the source language to another language without altering or interfering with the original words. So, if you are looking for a certified translation company for Certificates Translation, we are your best choice. Contact Us now!

What are some certificates that need to be translated with Certificates Translation company

1-Marriage certificates

These are legal documents with details about the bride and groom, their full names, ages, dates, and places of marriage as well as the witnesses’ full names and the date of the certificate issued.

For a couple who need to translate their marriage certificate to Arabic, they need to know the factors that impact on translation cost:

Delivery time

Marriage certificate translation takes about one or two days and in case a client needs it delivered faster, he may incur higher costs.


A marriage certificate is a delicate and vital document and as so one needs to find an agency that maintains 100% confidentiality and if possible insists on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The marriage certificate translation must be:

Recognized by official entities.
Fully certified and authenticated.
Hold an official letter and stamp.

Failure to bear the above, the translated marriage certificate cannot be considered anywhere in Dubai for any function whatsoever. and that’s why you need a certified translation company for Certificates Translation.

2-Birth certificates

The official language of UAE is Arabic and this serves in all official institutions of UAE.
For you to enjoy official services like visa issuing you need to get the birth certificate translated in Arabic by an accredited legal translation company.

It is important to note that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is mandatory before getting a certified translation for the birth certificate.

Before you plan on traveling to another country, get your marriage certificate and your children’s birth certificates translated by a certified translation agency before applying for immigration.

3- Degree certificate

Certificates of degree are records issued by an educational institution certifying that an individual has obtained a degree after completing a course of study.

It typically contains:

  • Recipient’s full official names
  • Recipient date and place of course study
  • The period of study
  • The field of study
  • Name of university or college conferring the degree certificate
  • Signatures of the chairman of the State Examination Commission, the head of the college, and the Dean of the faculty

Commission, the head of the college, and the Dean of the faculty.

You cannot forward your application for a job in Dubai institutions with your credentials presented in a language other than Arabic. An individual wishing to grasp an opportunity in any institution in Dubai must therefore translate his certificate into a language that the employers best understand. This can be done by hiring a certifications translation company.

For you to however get your degree translated, first you need to get it attested. Degree certificate attestation is basic for your business or works visa in UAE since all ex-pats are required to legitimize their instructive declaration.

Translating your certificates will benefit you:

  • To make your movement in the state easier
  • IN Business purposes abroad
  • To get employment visas
  • To enjoy the benefits enjoyed by all citizens

4-Death certificates

If a death has occurred in a hospital, the hospital authority and the official medical practitioner will report to the government as well if it happens at home, the family members are obliged to report to the government.

Death certificates contain;

  • Name of the person
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Cause of death if known

For one to be able to use a death certificate in UAE for any official use, it must be attested and translated into Arabic.

Some of the uses of death certificate include;

  • Claim insurance
  • Settle the legal obligations
  • Settle property benefaction to the beneficiary.

It is of great importance to get the death certificate of your loved one translated especially if he died while in another state also.