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CV Translation

When it comes to searching for a job, some companies want the CV to be written in English, Arabic, or French. Most companies in the UAE will use English. Now for those who cannot communicate in English, there is no need to worry, as our Active Translation companies provide CV translation services.

The CV is among the important documents that must be attached with other documents before sending it to the company you are looking for. If you are in the UAE and looking for a job, you first need to know the language in which you will submit your CV to the companies you want to work for.

Active’s CV translation is very advanced as their translation services are high-tech. CV translation services are done quickly according to the submitted document of high quality. For French national job seekers residing in the UAE, who need CV translation services, they should look no further as we -Active French Translation Company- will gladly assist them.

Importance of CV translation

  • It makes communication easier – CV translation aims at making the communication to be easier as it will translate to language that both parties will understand.
  • It increases your chances of getting an interview – when your CV document is translated, it includes all the necessary words that are required or that are vital when applying for a job. As such, it will place at the top.

How CV translation is done

Just like any other CV, CV translation follows the exact criteria used in writing a CV. The one part that is changed is the language. Having a CV written in a language that cannot be understood, can limit or deny one a chance to secure a job.

What to include in your translator CV
  • Contact details
  • Language combination
  • Field of specialization
  • The services you provide besides translation
  • Education history and relevant qualifications
  • Relevant professional experience and list of projects you have worked on.

Where to find the best CV translation services

Well, it can be such a daunting task when one is looking for trustworthy translation services in Dubai. Here are the tips on how to find the right CV translation service in Dubai;

  • Referral from friends

Your friends might have used one of the CV translation services and can refer you to seek their services too.

  • Do research

Before landing into any CV translation services in Dubai, you need to first research the available CV translation in Dubai. Find out how many they are and how are their terms of service.

After that, you will come up with a final list of the best CV translation shops to choose from.

Importance of French to English translation in Dubai

Dubai people are not only conversant with Arabic alone, but also they understand and speak English. We can say that English is their second language. The French companies that are based in Dubai sell their products and services to all the people in the UAE.

For the business to be effective, communication is the key. Most of these French companies have their content translated in both English and Arabic to cater to the needs of every customer in Dubai.

For all your translation needs, French translation got you covered as they have professionals who are knowledgeable on translation matters. And also they are culturally sensitive.

Importance of French to Arabic translation

Arabic is the basic language used by the UAE government. And thus, they accept all documents that are written in Arabic. To be on the safe side, as a French native, you need to have your document translated to Arabic. That is if you are applying for a government job in Dubai.

One can also use these translation services in Dubai to get admission to UAE School or university.

Importance of English to French translation

In the UAE, the French embassies only allow their documents in the French language. This is also the same as the Canadian embassy.

This is so, to ensure effective communication and also boost relationship ties as cultural standards will comply in the process.

Importance of Arabic to French translation

In the United Arab Emirates, there are a lot of ministries that deal with French officials. As such, the UAE government needs to provide its documents in the French language for easier reading and understanding.

Also, some of the UAE officials invest in French-speaking nations and will also require this translation. As a result, it will promote business ties between them and the French nationals.


Translation indeed plays an important role in today’s world. It has promoted education and business. The role played by these translators cannot be overlooked. They ensure that you get your documents translated in the right way bearing in mind the cultural aspect of that language being translated to. They also help in the promotion of cultural interaction between two countries.