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Driving Licenses Translation

Someone who makes international visits will tell you how important it is to carry their travel documents. A competent driver is well aware of the consequences of not carrying his driving license while traveling. If you are in a foreign country and want to drive, you need to hire one of the best driving licenses translation companies – We Active French Translation Services– to do the translation services for you. And guess what, UAE, especially Dubai, is a popular destination to get your driving licenses translation services done. At Active Translation Company, clients’ needs are well taken care of and they have professionals who treat this type of work with the seriousness it requires.

Some of you may wonder why it is important to provide driving licenses translation services if the person is located in a foreign country, but do not forget that each country has its own laws. For example, in the Emirates, if you want to drive, you must obtain a license, and if you already have one, you must go to translation companies that provide Driving licenses translation services, and we are skilled at this service and other services.


Well, let me take you through some of the most important yet so obvious reasons as to why you need driving licenses translation services in Dubai.

  • Your safety as a client is guaranteed while navigating through a foreign country.
  • If you are planning on visiting or working for a company that is located in a foreign country and you need to drive around frequently, driving license translation services in Dubai will come in handy. Driving licenses translation services ensure that they convert your driving license into an eligible document that is not only accepted in your home country but also internationally.
  • Driving licenses translation services in the UAE ensure that the document meets the meticulous standards of the authorities. Driving licenses are one of the legal documents that go through rigorous processes and are ensured to be of high standards by the concerned authorities. Due to its nature, a driving license is considered very important and you will need to trust only the companies with proven experience and expertise.
  • Communication is much easier when the documents have been translated.
  • People, who wish to travel abroad often, ask this question “Is a driving licenses translation important before traveling to a foreign country?” The answer is YES.
  • A Spanish driving license may not be understood by an official in the UAE. Thus, driving licenses translation services are very essential. This important paperwork service can and will be efficiently carried out by the driving licenses translation services in Dubai.


Where to find the best driving licenses translation services?

If you don't know how to go about looking for the best service providers in this area, I'll help you out with that:

1. Surf through the Internet and do some research.

Companies that offer driving license translation services have websites or emails where clients can get to them. This is to say getting them is very easy, for instance, you can just type the word driving license translation services companies in Dubai on Google and the results will come out that instant.

2. Ask your friends and family.
You may have friends or relatives abroad or even in your own home country who happen to have used these services. Talk to them they'll surely find a way to help you out with that.

How is a driving license translation done?

Driving license translation services in Dubai have got you covered on that, that’s not for you to worry about. The various companies doing the translation services are well conversant with the formats.

However, they’ll make sure you include important elements such as:
  1. Original passport.
  2. Copy of resident permit.
  3. Current driving license.
  4. Passport size photo.
  5. Eye test certificate.

Those are just some of the few yet most important details and documents that you’ll need in the UAE to get their driving license translating services.

What are some of the conditions that a client needs to meet to get this translation services in Dubai to do?

Every legal service has to go through the rigorous process of scrutiny and so much more to make sure they meet the conditions or rather the standards required to be procured.

Here are a few of the major conditions that need to be met before a client’s needs are taken care of:
  • A client needs to make sure that the original driving license he or she has from their home country I still valid.
  • A client must be old enough, old enough to have an identification card from his or her native home.

A client must be residing in one of the states that have a reciprocal agreement with Dubai to procure the services. Some of these states include Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, the UK, and many more.


A client seeking to get a driving license translation service in Dubai should keep in mind that an international driving license is intended to be a compliment of your driving license and not a substitute. A client is reminded to always walk with his or her original vehicle documents and the international driving permit at all times.