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The old days are gone when people used to write letters from a piece of paper and wait to be sent to the recipient. This consumed a lot of time as some could even take a week or even a month to reach the recipient depending on the distance.

Nowadays, it’s easier and faster to send these letters through email, thanks to the technology evolution. Most business people have embraced this form of communication to communicate with their suppliers, consumers, or clients.

Now the problem might arise where you are dealing with a foreign client. This client might not be very knowledgeable about the language that you are speaking. As such, you need to translate your content into your email before sending it. 

Active French Translation Services in Dubai provides you with email translation services. They can translate to any language that you want.

Importance of email translation

1. Easier communication

Communication is a very vital factor in the world of business as it helps people to communicate and discuss issues concerning business. This is all thanks to the advancement in communication technology. Furthermore, email translation has made it possible for a business to interact with different partners and do business transactions.

2. Maintain long-lasting relationship with clients

By having a competent email language translation service provider, communication will not only become easier but a lot efficient. The translator will erase all the contextual ambiguity and even linguistic misunderstanding.

3. It solves a large number of linguistic problems

When you hire a professional email translator, it will save you the burden of dealing with a foreign client who does not understand your language. This will help you to negotiate freely with them and amicably reach an agreement.

How email translation is done

Email translation involves the change of the language of the email to a language that is easily understood by your client. If you are targeting foreign consumers, then you should your content language is at per with the language that those foreigners are speaking. You need to therefore choose a professional translation company that will provide you with the best email translation services.

We at French Translation, not only translate your email content to the language that your client understands, but we are also sensitive on matters of linguistic and cultural aspects, customs, and interests.

We do check word and word and we can also delete or add some words and phrases that make sense as long the original content is not tempered with.

Why choose us?

1. We provide high-quality services

Our main aim as a translation company is to provide high-quality email translation services to our customers. We help clients communicate efficiently to their targeted consumers. We would like to make it easier for businesses to reach more consumers, not only in the UAE but also in other foreign countries.

2. Experienced and highly trained team

Our dedicated team of experts will make sure that you receive great services and handle each customer in a good way. Additionally, we provide services to our customers daily, 24/7 to allow for every customer to serve well.

Over the years, we have been providing quality market research services to our customers. And from what we have observed over the years is that the number of customers seeking our translation services has been rising. This has made us proud and we endeavor to provide high-quality translation services to our customers. We are very committed to our work and this has made us be on top of other translation companies.

3. Affordable price

When it comes to cost, we are very friendly with our charges. We provide prices that our customers can afford. Since we are a certified translation company, our customers will find us legit and therefore willing to seek services from us. We know it can be very difficult for new customers because of so many available translation companies that are found in Dubai. But as here, we assure you that you will get the value for your money.

4. Timely delivery

We deliver the final translated work to our customers as stipulated in our policy. We do not entertain lateness but rather we value punctuality.

5. Free revision

As they say, a human is to error. Therefore if by any chance there was an error during the translation of the document, our company will be liable for that and a revision will be done without charging an extra penny to our customer.


Email translation has impacted positively the success of very many businesses. Thanks to the existence of translation companies in Dubai. Most businesses have managed to maintain a good relationship with their clients. They have also increased their sales both locally and internationally. Thus it has attracted more profits in the long run.