French Translation

French Translation in Dubai

French translation in Dubai

The sole purpose of communication is to exchange ideas and information. This however is difficult if people can’t speak the same language. For this reason, many translation companies have since risen to curb these barriers and affect the translation of legal documents as well. The need for the certified legal translation of different languages to French or French to different languages has risen in the UAE embassies, courts, and other authorities that require the submission of translated legal documents.

Active French translation in Dubai offer translation in various languages inclusive of;

  • French to English Translation
  • French to Arabic Translation
  • English to French Translation
  • Arabic to French Translation

Are you in Dubai and stuck on where to get a French Translator? You may want to Contact Us.

Active French Translation Services offers various translations and interpretation services in Dubai and is flexible in a way that it can operate with small, medium, and large organizations, both from private sectors and government organizations.

Our team of hands-on experienced French translators never disappoints and is in per with the requirements and regulations of UAE translation standards and protocols.

Our Vision

At French Translation in Dubai, we understand the need to create opportunities through communication.

Our vision is to provide an enabling and easy environment for everyone and make it easy for business operations.

Some of the benefits that come with choosing us over other French translation companies include;

  1. Experienced and highly trained staff

Over the past years, we have worked to improve customer service. Our ability and commitment to providing high-quality French translation in Dubai services have seen us grow and gain more customers over other translation companies.

Our team of experts stops at nothing but providing great service to all customers daily and operates 24/7 to allow all to get services.

  1. High-quality services

Our company aims to provide high-quality translation services that enable the involved parties to communicate efficiently in their daily business transactions for instance.

Amongst other French Translators in Dubai, we strive to stand out in providing high-quality services to all customers.

  1. Pocket-friendly prices

Since we are certified by the French Consulate Dubai, our customers will be sure to spend on a legitimate translator. We will ensure you get services that are worth spending on at very affordable charges. Our prices are not pocket-draining but affordable at all times.

  1. Free revision and error correction

These translated documents are handled by humans and as so may be prone to errors. Our company will be liable for all revisions and corrections of these errors at a free cost.

  1. Documents delivery at the provided time frame

Punctuality is our core policy of operation. This might be the most challenging at times especially since our services are in high demand. Not to worry though, our team of trained French translators can deliver the final translated document within the stipulated time frame.

Just as the name of the company suggests, our main target is the French-speaking community. Due to the rising popularity of the French, language the growth of this company has been possible.

French translation in Dubai. Why is it important?


  • Business Opportunities: Dubai serves as a major hub for international business and attracts companies from around the world. French is widely spoken in various French-speaking countries and regions. By providing French translation in Dubai, businesses in Dubai can effectively communicate with French-speaking clients, customers, and partners, opening up new business opportunities.
  • Multilingual Environment: Dubai is a multicultural city with a diverse population from different linguistic backgrounds. By offering French translation in Dubai, businesses can cater to the needs of the French-speaking community residing in Dubai. This enhances inclusivity and ensures effective communication with a broader audience.
  • Global Reach: French is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, with a significant presence in various industries such as fashion, luxury goods, tourism, and more. By translating important documents, marketing materials, and websites into French, businesses in Dubai can expand their reach and tap into the French-speaking markets both locally and internationally.
  • Legal Compliance: Dubai has a legal framework that requires contracts, agreements, and other legal documents to be translated into Arabic to ensure their validity. By providing French translation in Dubai, businesses can ensure compliance with local regulations while also facilitating communication and understanding between French-speaking parties involved in legal matters.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Dubai is a popular tourist destination, welcoming visitors from all over the world. French tourists and travelers often seek information and services in their native language. By offering French translation in Dubai, businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry can provide a personalized and convenient experience to French-speaking visitors, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Active French Translation Company offers professional French translation in Dubai. With a team of experienced translators and a commitment to accuracy and quality, we ensure precise and culturally appropriate translations for various industries and documents. Our services cover a wide range of sectors, including legal, business, technical, and more. Whether you need contracts, agreements, marketing materials, or any other content translated into or from French, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Trust Active French Translation Company for reliable and efficient French translation in Dubai.