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Interpretation services

Interpretation Services

Are you looking for French interpreters or interpretation services in Dubai for your documents? Well look no further, we at Active French Translation will provide you with the best interpretation services. We offer interpretation services from French to English, French to Arabic, Arabic to English, and English to Arabic.

French non-speaking individuals who would love their documents or any other material to be interpreted should liaise with us.


Our interpretation services include;
  • Business conferences for both local and international
  • Scientific seminars
  • Technical meetings
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Commercial conventions
  • Business negotiations
  • Escorting businessmen and tourists
  • Legal interpretation
  • Medical interpretation
  • Public interpretation

Why choose professional interpreters

Professional French interpreters in Dubai come with a lot of advantages include;

1. High-quality interpretation services

Professional interpreters are a skilled individual who knows how to interpret the document. It is advisable to have a professional interpreter if you require high-quality services.

2. Fair prices

Professional interpreters will make sure that you receive value for your money. They will charge you according to the type of interpretation services that you need.

3. Quick turn around

Professional interpreters will make sure that they are available to offer their interpretation services to you. They value time and as they say, time is money.

4. 24/7 customer services

Professional interpreters always value their customers. They always give them a priority. As such, they will always attend to you anytime.

5. Customer-friendly

Professional interpreters know how to treat their customers. They will always listen to customers’ concerns and advice promptly.

6. Reliability

Professional interpreters always take their work seriously and make sure that they are always available to attend to their customer’s needs.

7. Certified

Professional interpreters are licensed to provide interpretation services. Thus, choosing them will mean that you are dealing with the right interpreters whose services are legit.

Here are the tips that will help you to find the right interpretation services in Dubai. They include;

  • List out your interpretation requirements
  • The languages you will need
  • The quality of your interpretation
  • The extent of your audience

List out your interpretation requirements

Listing your interpretation requirement is very important as this will help you to get the right interpretation specialists that will suit your needs. Furthermore, it will help you to select the best interpretation company.

The languages you will need

Before seeking interpretation services, you should already have in mind what language will your words or document be interpreted in. It will be a good idea to select an interpretation company that interpreters in multiple languages.

This will mean that they will be able to provide you with the best interpretation services.

The quality of your interpretation

Well, if you would like the interpretation that is of high quality, then you need to hire professional interpreters to that job for you.

The extent of your audience

You should be fully aware of your audience before deciding on how you will interpret your words. You should hire an interpreter who will be able to interpret the exact words without changing their original meaning.

Where to find the best interpretation specialists

In this 21st century, the world has become a global village thanks to the revolution in the technology industry. The Internet has offered a massive platform for every sector in the globe to deliver its services to its potential clients. Those in the business, legal, medical, entertainment, transport, and many other sectors have used the internet to reach out to their clients all over the globe.

For anyone who would like to request the services of interpreters in Dubai, the internet is best to search for one. Various interpreters’ specialists offer different kinds of interpretation services to their clients.   Furthermore, the client should take note of finding not only an interpretation specialist but also a certified one to get quality services.

Benefits of an interpreter

Interpreters play a very important role in the Arabic community and the benefits impact positively on their lives. They include;

  • Conflict resolution- interpreters act as arbitrators in solving conflict especially if it involves differences in communication.
  • Promoting success- this is so, especially in the business world; the interpreter helps the business owner find potential clients and assists those clients who do not understand the language and interpret it to them for easy understanding.
  • Promotes culture– interpreters are well-known individuals in the community and for this reason, they have vast knowledge about the community.


If you are looking for interpretation services in Dubai, you need to get a professional one who will deliver the exact interpretation services that you need. Also, be careful as some interpreters might lure you and provide not-so-good services.

By adhering to the above-mentioned tips on how to get the right professional French interpreter in Dubai, you will find it easier to get the right professional interpreter in Dubai.