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The importance of website translation

A translation service is helpful in a wide variety of situations. International companies need translators to translate marketing materials, contracts, manuals and other documents. Simultaneously, law firms with multinational or multiracial clients also have many agreements and legal documents that need to be translated. People who want to communicate meaningfully with their international friends may also want their messages and letters translated. As more people use the Internet and create content-rich websites, the demand for web content translation grows. Why do website owners need to troubleshoot their sites?

Internet users prefer to visit websites that provide a wealth of helpful information because such websites allow them to learn more about some regions of interest and to make well-informed decisions when shopping. If your website has a lot of beneficial information to your target consumers, it will naturally generate a more significant amount of traffic. However, if your website content is only written in English, it will only attract people who can understand the language.  English is the most widely spoken language, commonly used language on the Internet. Billions of users communicate in other languages, ranging from Spanish, French to Chinese, and you won’t share with these people if you only have English texts and articles on your website. Some foreign-language speakers may come across your website, but they won’t spend a lot of time or make purchases there if they don’t understand the information provided on your website.

The translation is the way to make your website more attractive to foreign language speakers. If you are willing to invest the time and money to translate your website content into another language, French translation is here to help you! You’ll be able to reach millions of new people potential customers. For example, there are currently close to 500 million Internet users in French. You can also significantly increase the potential of your online business by translating your web content into French. You can make your own website even more engaging and attractive globally by translating content into more languages, such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Japanese, or others. The best thing to do is choose the wording ​​used in countries where your products or services may be highly sought after.

Another benefit of professional website translation is that it can help with search engine optimization. When you translate your website content into another language, you will significantly increase the amount of content on your website. If you translate it into multiple different languages, your website will be numerous times more content-rich than it was previously. You should know that search engines favour websites that contain large amounts of helpful content and will give your website a higher ranking in search results. You will see your website rise in search engine rankings every time you translate your content into one more language. With higher search engine visibility, you will get more local and foreign visitors.

  1. Companies that carry out international electronic commerce

Expert website translation should be a no-brainer for anyone doing business in international markets. Language is primarily underestimated as a selling point. However, in one study, around 60% of the participants said that obtaining information about the product in their native language was more essential than the price. This doesn’t just count for retail. Website translation can be highly beneficial to wholesale, export/import businesses, and all businesses that operate globally.

Suppose you ship internationally, even if you are not actively selling your goods and services in other countries. In that case, the website translation can help you open up new markets and revenue streams. Visit our French translation office and get the best French translator Dubai and French interpreter Dubai.

  1. Companies in countries where more than one language is spoken

It may come as a surprise, but not all countries in the world only use one primary language, or not all blog translation agencies translate a specific language. It’s crazy. As if learning to speak a language growing up wasn’t hard enough. However, people in Switzerland (German, Italian, French), Belgium (German, Dutch, French), Canada (French, English), and other countries with multiple official languages do precisely that. However, it doesn’t even have to be an official language of the country for it to make sense to translate your site. Many countries have significant subgroups of people who speak a second language.

For example, in the US, there are about 41 million speakers whose mother tongue is Spanish. That is 13% of the population and not a small number. The total number of Spanish speakers is increasing.

You may have similar groups in your area that you are now ignoring. If your company is located in UAE, you cannot neglect to outsource your translation requirements to have a professional french consulate Dubai or a french embassy Abu Dhabi.

  1. Companies that operate in travel and tourism (receptive)

Travel and tourism are a perfect area to offer a translated website. Primarily if you reside in a famous vacation destination, it is critical that travellers can find information about your business that they can understand. That is mainly true for:

✓ transport providers (buses, trains, planes)

✓ hotels, hostels and other accommodation

✓ monuments, tourism, culture

✓ tour and event organizers

As you learned earlier, English is not always enough and having access to your native language is essential for consumers. Having access to a website fully translated into your native language makes it more likely that someone who wants to book a tour with you stays at your home or benefit from your services. Also, you can use website localization tips for more precise work.

Of course, it’s not just about persuading people to visit your website; it’s also about converting those visitors into repeat customers. Did you know that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors and convert them into leads? That’s correct! The majority of visitors abandon a website between 0 and 8 seconds (source). This means that your content must be attractive and, more importantly, it must be accurately translated. You’ve likely invested valuable time and money to make your site’s English content unforgettable, so you must do the same when translating pages into other languages.

You may have come across machine translation tools or plugins on the Internet. They are cheap and easy, but unfortunately, they cannot guarantee a linguistically correct website localization. A high-quality, professional French translation in Dubai service that will localize your content is essential. This is your only real option if you want to reach global markets with new customers and maximize your business opportunities that it is possible with French translation Dubai.


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