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Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical translation is when you need a technical translator to translate all technical materials professionally. You need to be very keen when getting someone to translate this kind of material for you.

The technical materials are mostly scientific and need an expert in the field to help out without leaving or adding anything which can give a very different meaning from the original one.

You need also to be careful not to give any contradicting information when translating from one language to another.

In technical works, the same words from different languages could give a different meaning and can mess everything around making it difficult for workers to be done.

Importance of Technical Translation

It’s important to do technical translations because;
  • Accuracy- Most technical documents contain details of some things that need to be accurate. You need a technical French Translator to do translation because a slight change of anything even one can cause a big difference.
  • You need to do technical translations in documents by use of professionals because of different formats from one country to another. Some countries for example use Inches as units for measurements while others use Millimeters. So, slight mistakes in units can cause lots of damage.
  • Technical translation will keep you on the right side of the law. If a slight mistake happens and your documents are not properly translated, you will face the law in accordance.

How technical translation is done

Technical translations need to be done in a specific manner that will enable the other person to fully understand the context of the documents.

When doing technical translation, you need to know your audience. You can’t just translate any technical material blindly.

You will also need to know the kind of materials that need to be translated into detail. You don’t want to just translate any material into just anything.

When doing technical translation, you also need to deeply understand the two or more languages you are translating to give the best of the results need.

Where to find the best technical translation

  • The kind of translation they offer

Technical translations range from a wide range and you need to be able to identify the kind of industry you need. Technical translations range from;

  • Engineering
  • Computer sciences
  • Medicine
  • Graphics and many more.

You need to be able to know which one you want because different technical translation companies offer different translation services.

  • You need to consult around

When you are looking for a technical translate company, you need to ask around which one is the best and compare your findings.

Importance of French to English technical translation in Dubai

When you translate a technical document from French to English in the UAE, you will have reached a very large group of people because, many people in the UAE, speak English as their second language.

Many people in Dubai will prefer English written content than French content.

Importance of French to Arabic technical translations in Dubai.

Most of the local and most used language in the UAE is the Arabic language. So when content is translated from French to Arabic, it will enable a wide range of people to access  it.

Most of the investors in Dubai are mostly French people who prefer their language than any other, so when a French investor translates his technical documents from French to Arabic, will be able to get many people who will want to work with him/her.

Importance of English to French technical translation in Dubai

The French embassy in the UAE will always read materials that are only written in French. So you need to translate most of the technical materials into French to make French investors read them.

Most technical materials are written in English which will limit some groups of people and that why you need to translate most materials into French.

Importance of Arabic to French technical translations in Dubai.

As said earlier in the topic, most French people prefer using their Language and do not want anything to do with foreign languages. So to get the French people to get involved in your business, you need to translate most of the materials into French.


Tech translation is one of the most sensitive kinds of translation you will ever find in the whole world. When it comes to technical translation, you need to get the best in what they do.

Tech translation is one of the most respected and one that can make you fall into the worst lawsuits of your life. That’s why you need to be cautious when doing it.

Technical translation ranges from engineering, medicine, graphics, and also any kind of technical and engineering work all over.

You need also to be serious when it comes to measurements of any sort when it comes to tech translation because a mistake can cost you a lot.