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Brochure Translation

Brochure Translation

Brochure translation simply refers to the interpretation of a company’s brochure from its original language into other forms of language. This will enable foreign clients who speak a different language to understand the content of that company.

In active we provide your business with brochure translation services. we can translate brochures from any language; be it from French to English, French to Arabic, or any other language.

If you are a company in the UAE and want to expand successfully, having a brochure is a must and it should be translated in a language that every client can understand.

How to translate a brochure

This is how our professional translators translate a brochure, they first need to adhere to accuracy. This is very crucial because if you translate a brochure in a way that clients get false information, this might bring the business down.

Translation is not a DIY thing, then it will be better not to do it by yourself. That’s why hiring a professional brochure translator can be of great help as you will get your brochure translated in high quality and that’s exactly what we are offering in active.

Brochure translation not only involves word-to-word translation, but it also involves artwork that requires localization. For instance, you may want to localize graphics so that they are aligned properly with the target market. 

What industries benefit the most from translating brochures?

All industries need brochures, but some benefit the most because they use these brochures more frequently in marketing their products and services. For example, the travel and tourism industry has benefited a lot from brochure translation.


The travel and tourism industry tends to attract people from all over the world. These people come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Therefore, having the brochure translated into other languages will make them understand the content. This will help you boost sales in your industry.


Another example is the Healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is another industry that benefits from our brochure translation. As they say, health is wealth. That’s why providing people with the correct information can help them make a good decision in matters regarding health.

What is the importance of brochure translation?

To expand your business

This is the main reason why companies are looking for brochure translation. If the company wants to cross overseas and attract new consumers, then it will have its brochure translated into the language that the foreigners understand.

By doing this, your company will attract more clients and you will result in more sales in the long run.

Why choose us to translate your brochures?

Considering the complex nature of brochures, you should choose a translation agency that provides the range of expertise needed like us. That said, you need to take note of these points.

1. Language Expansion

Always ask how the translator will be able to manage language expansion, different character sets, and right-to-left languages.

2. Localization

Localization is important when it comes to whether one needs to include the graphics. You need to choose a professional translator who is well-conversed in offering localization services.

3. Technical terminology

Always hire a professional translation company that has a vast knowledge of technical terms for each language for each sector.


In conclusion, at active Translation Company, we offer a comprehensive brochure translation service that enables your businesses to effectively communicate your message to a global audience. With our expertise in language translation, cultural sensitivity, and attention to detail, we ensure that brochures are accurately and professionally translated while maintaining the intended impact and brand identity. What are you waiting for? Contact Us now.