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Legal Notices & Summons Translation

Legal Notices & Summons Translation.

Legal notice and summons are the initial steps before postponing any legal action in the UAE. It may be sent from a person or company whose legal rights have been violated. That’s why you need to Legal Notices & Summons Translation, especially for non-Arabic speaking people.

Subpoenas are official archives filed by a court or by a government administrative organization for various purposes. There may be legitimate activity in progress against the individual or the individual’s substance may be needed as a witness.

However, it is not an order, and failure to respond to the invitation may lead to the judge being negligent; the judge can decide the case without him.

Summons is authoritative archives given by a court or by the managerial organization of government for different purposes. A legitimate activity might be in progress against the individual or the individual’s essence as a witness might be required.

It is however not a command and failure to honor the call may lead to default judgment by the judge; the judge can decide the case without him or her.

Types of legal notices in UAE include

  • Outstanding debt claim
  • Breach of a commercial contract
  • Employment termination
  • Termination of a lease agreement
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights


There are however protocols to be followed in issuing a legal notice

  • Legal advice session: this session is between you and the lawyer after receiving all your documents brief regarding the matter. Your lawyer will engage you in a talk that will help you decide on the best course of action.
  • Drafting a legal notice; the attorney will draft a legal notice based on the analysis of your situation and send it to you for review of the facts and approval.
  • Serving the legal notice; the attorney or lawyer will wait till you are satisfied with the notice. He will then send the final documented notice to the opponent via mail, email, or fax, which will be provided by you.

The UAE however has a law that guarantees you self-protection. The information you share with the attorney remains private and known only to the two of you. As well the translation service providers are obliged to protect their clients against issues that may arise due to information leakage. 

With regards to Legal Notices & Summons Translation in Dubai, you cannot just trust anyone to get your interest served reason why you don’t need to rush in making your decision on the service provider.

However, you need to be aware that issuing a legal notice to your opponent does not ensure a favorable outcome or a complete solution to the disputes you have. It will just serve to inform the party about your lawful rights and issue a warning to them of the consequences involved.

The Conclusion of legal notices  Summons translation

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