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True Copy Services

True Copy Services

A True Copy Services as a photocopy of the original document after confirmation of its true replication by a lawyer.

A certified true copy is a document issued by a lawyer bearing his signature and stamp stating that the document is a true copy of the original document with no alterations whatsoever. Typically such documents are always required when the original document cannot be presented to the relevant authority that requested for the same.

In some cases, however, a lawyer may be required to write specific wording confirming the true copy as required by the institution requesting the true copy. Therefore, we at Active French Translation Services Company provide you with the best True Copy services.

The documents that can be required in true copies include;

  • Passports
  • Utility bills
  • IDs
  • Telephone bills
  • Photos
  • Tenancy contracts
  • Bank statements
  • Degree and other experience certificates
  • Academic documents
  • Letters
  • Application forms

These documents however are required to be presented to the relevant authorities after True Copy Services attestation is carried out.

What is True Copy Services?

True Copy Services are offered by lawyers only and are considered very vital and critical in Dubai. This is a process rather than just the verification done by lawyers of the original document in question;the lawyer then makes a photocopy of the document and certifies on the photocopy confirming that a true and correct copy of the original.

In certifying the document, the lawyer needs to place his stamp, sign, and date the photocopy. Certification is often required by various government embassies and private institutions in the world for them to rely on and accept original documents for transactions requested.

A document cannot be presented to relevant authority without attestation especially if the document is most likely to be used outside the country.

It is important to ensure that the lawyers providing the true copy services are professional and understand the job through the affiliated law firms in Dubai so that you don’t collide with the authority in the authenticity of documents.

Note that true copy attestation in Dubai and elsewhere in the world cannot be carried out by any other person except for certified lawyers.

Some of the uses of true certified copies of the original documents include;
  • Selling and buying property
  • Bank account opening
  • Presenting the documents to courts
  • Setting up businesses and companies
  • Processing immigration and visa in all countries
  • Filling various applications at government departments and private institutions

The legalization process is however required for a document to be considered completely certified especially the delicate ones like marriage certificates, birth certificates, degrees, and other educational and experience certificates.

The copies of resolutions passed at the meeting of the board of directors of a company may be required to be provided to statutory authorities while making certain applications on behalf of the company or being presented to any organization.

The importance of these true copies is to give proof that resolutions were certainly passed in the meeting of the board of directors and the board approved the same.

A certified True Copy Services of board resolution can generally be given in either of the following ways;

  • An extract of the minutes of the board meeting
  • A Certified true copy of the board resolution

A true Copy Services of any board resolution or extract from minutes is only acceptable if signed by the managing director, Director, or company’s secretary. Lack of these officials’ signatures then the document is not considered as authentic.

Some states however have laws that let the board of directors approve a resolution through written consent without ever having a meeting on the issue may be in instances of high urgency. This is however a very rare case, especially in UAE.

A true copy of a document is an important method of confirming the authenticity of a document in the country and all over the world.