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Legal Translation

Legal Translation simply means the translation of legal documents to bring various types of international relations into practice. It also means the translation of legal texts to exchange information and experience among law experts from different countries. Various business start-ups, medical facilities, and other institutions regularly need legal French translation office services offered by registered legal translation services recognized internationally.

Legal French translation documents may include birth certificates, death certificates, fiscal documents, court case documents, marriage certificates, immigration documents, and other diverse documents. The list is endless. The legally translated documents may be used by legal institutions or the court for legal matters. For instance, in case someone relocates to Dubai from America and in the event of death, he or she will need a notarized translation of the will in the language of the country that he or she passed on. All the legal French translation services have to undergo a certain procedure to make them accurate unique and relevant.

The fast-growing use of the internet has provided a necessary platform for conducting legal translation services both locally and internationally. Business environment changes and therefore legal translation services come with its unique regulations for conducting their required services. Some of these changes include keeping in mind key business decisions such as updated documentation, marketing strategy, refund, and financial policies.

French Legal translation Dubai information needs to be availed to the consumer in the local consumer language for ease of understanding. Later on, the legal document was made available to the international parties captured in the business contract. The correct wording is paramount since any discrepancies could end up with the legal document having a different meaning or most likely being ambiguous for a court of a legal institution making a decision confidently. For example, while in Dubai and handling last wills and testaments documents, then making a biased judgment caused by inappropriate use of words in a legal document.

There are various types of legal translations which we are going to list below;

  • Translation of court documents. This entails applications and petitions made in court. It may also include the judge’s verdicts, instructions, and resolutions.
  • Translation of contracts. This includes the agreement and arrangements of the parties involved in the purchase, and the agreement between the leaser and the lessee, without forgetting labor and license contracts.
  • Translation of establishment documents. Certificate of registration which is vital to a particular established entity. Some of the examples include Articles of Association, resolutions, and minutes of meetings.
  • Translation of legislation acts of governmental authorities of various countries. This includes the laws governing the countries involved in the legal translations.
  • Translation of local legislation acts which involves regulations and provisions within the locality.
  • Translation of all types of auxiliary documents. The required certifications, licenses, and permits are captured in this category.

Therefore, each country has its own set of regulations for legal translators. In countries like Dubai, professional French translators must have a degree in business and legal translations plus a certificate issued by the state. Moreover, regular examination is usually required to ensure good practice and proficiency.

The complexity of legal French translation services in its unique terminology, coupled with cultural factors and differences in language requires the mastery and experience of an expert legal translator. The high degree of accuracy and use of professional language since a single error costs money and other legal ramifications. In the event of any conflicts or ambiguity between the different parties in an agreement or contract then the legal document should authoritatively dictate a legally binding guideline that was originally captured.

A legal translation in Dubai service should have relevant skills related to their profession. Some of the skills include:

  • A sound background in the field of law in which the translator specializes.
  • Mastery of legal terms used in both legal systems.
  • Fluency in both source and target language.
  • Thorough understanding of the legal system of the target country.
  • Willingness to advance to own expertise.

Bearing these skills in mind, then a professional legal translator is deemed to be perfect to advance in legal obligations.

A wide array of reasons may at times trigger the need to have access to a particular case results or ruling and litigation in a foreign language. Legal translations provide a Translation of a legal summary of litigation, providing a clear idea of what transpired in the particular case and how it can be used in case of an appeal. The ability to provide an expedited translation service and litigation translation service is of great importance.

Corporate documentation in Dubai usually protects large investment portfolios. It is necessary to translate corporate documents in case an investor or an investment entity does not reside within the territory borders of Dubai. This process will end up saving significant time and hassle while preventing misunderstanding by keeping all parties on the same page.  

Sworn translations involve legal documents issued by the relevant authorities for various purposes. The legal documents require a signature, stamp, or seal from the authorized translator. Keeping in mind not changing the original format of the document in sworn translations which paramount.

Judicial translation has become a new norm in daily life. For instance, a birth certificate may need to be translated in case someone needs to relocate abroad. In addition, marriage certificates also need translation since people of different nationalities get married. Not forgetting documents of identity that rely on judicial translation. Therefore, legal translation is needed both for individuals and companies and should be accurate and never below standard.


Legal translation services can be carried out for both official and non-official purposes. Many industries, like medical, technical, financial, commercial, or marketing among others may require legal translations. This type of translation therefore is very critical since legal backup defends someone or an entity in case of legal implications leveled against someone or an entity. Legal translation involves an in-depth knowledge of two or more legal systems and structures. This type of translation requires a depth understanding of both languages. This is the reason why it is always important to hire professional legal translation agency services.